Carpet, Tile, and Upholstery Cleaning Services for Brent, Florida

We expertly clean all types of carpeting and maintain that each individual carpet has its own unique cleaning needs, to be treated accordingly.

Our roster of satisfied carpet cleaning customers in the Florida Gulf Coast region will be the first to tell you how dependable and efficient we are when it comes to service and professionalism.

Steam Vac takes pride in taking care of our clients: whether it is a routine cleaning, special cleaning for upholstery or area rugs, or an emergency flood water removal visit – you can expect us to provide you with only the best service.

We are first and foremost a carpet cleaning company and we clean carpets in Brent, Pensacola, and the surrounding region. Carpet damage is typically caused by foot traffic, children, or pets but regular cleaning is the way to maintain carpeting so it stands up to these elements better and longer.

Did you know that steam cleaning is the process recommended by carpet manufacturers to be the most gentle on the carpet? That is why we are called Steam Vac! We also clean all sizes of area rugs, runners, wall to wall carpeting, indoor/outdoor carpeting, and upholstery like sofas and chairs.

If you need Pensacola or Brent tile cleaning services, give us a call as well.

Steam Vac technicians will most likely ask if you would like an application of protectant for the carpet’s stain resistance after they have steam cleaned. This type of protective measure can be helpful in keeping your carpets spotless for a greater amount of time.

Regular cleaning and deodorizing leads to a fresher smelling home, especially for pet owners. The truth remains that brand new carpeting and upholstery is always going to cost more than regular cleanings by an experienced, insured professional company.

If you need Brent or Pensacola carpet, tile, or upholstery cleaning services, then call us at (850) 433-4332 or contact us by email. Do you need EMERGENCY water damage restoration and flood removal services? Please feel free to contact us for this ASAP 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.