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Carpet, Tile, Duct, and Upholstery Cleaning in the City of Pace, Florida

We proudly and professionally clean all types of carpet in your home or business.

Dust, sand, dirt, pet fur and dander, the list goes on: regular carpet cleaning is very important if you want your home or office to be truly clean. Vacuuming makes your rugs and upholstery look clean but invisible to the naked eye there are pesky germs, dust mites, and tracked in soil lurking under your feet.

Steam Vac is above all a professional carpet cleaner in Pace, Florida who will assist you with not just your rugs, but upholstered furniture and tile floors too. Carpet cleaning should be done before you notice visible dirt or see darkening stains.

We love pet owning households! We know that your dog or cat is part of the family and we ensure their health is protected when we steam clean your carpets in Pace. Let our cleaning services extend the life of your carpets and upholstery, while maintaining your home’s health and pleasant smell.

We clean carpet, tile, and upholstery cleaner with a smile, and gladly provide estimates with no obligation. Our technicians are friendly, trained, and equipped to clean your carpets, tile, and air ducts the right way the first time.

Investing in regular carpet cleaning now will extend the life and looks of your carpet and upholstery for the future. Reduce and control dirt, dust mites, and other allergens to keep the whole family happy. Air duct cleaning will freshen your interior air quality so breathe easier with Steam Vac Carpet Cleaning.

If you need carpet, tile, air duct, or upholstery cleaning in Pace, Florida area, contact us at 850-244-1060 or online here – keep us on speed dial for EMERGENCY water damage restoration from flooding.

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